Preemptive rant.

The new TV arrives tomorrow, so I get to hook it up. This means I get to wrestle with SCART on a low-profile TV.

For those americans, SCART is one of the most hideous standards ever invented. A SCART connector carries composite video, svideo, RGB, component, stereo audio and control at once. Both ways. Except when it doesn't - because RBG only goes one way, svid and composite share a conductor so can't both be on at once, many pins are dual-purpose, and such problems. Due to the sheer number of conductors, the cables are as thick as hosepipes - and you just have to hope they hooked up every pin, because many of them don't - and so heavy they easily pull out the non-latching connectors.

SCART is evil. If it were forced to compete in a free market it would never have lasted - but, due to some political games by the French government and their eagerness to see a French technology (patented by a French company) made universial, it's been required for years that all TVs and associated equipment in the EU have SCART inputs. This is why Americans usually don't have to deal with the horror of SCART.

The only good news is that the TV has a built-in DVB-T decoder, which means one less SCART cable to wrestle into place. How I am to fit the one that goes from the cable box and the one from the PVR I cannot imagine - unless I apply a good amount of ducttape, those connectors will never stay in.

Video restoration.

I've been practicing for a while with repairing degraded video - I am getting quite good at it now. I can do VHS, or film transfer. The only requirement I have is that is be digitised.

I have a few examples on YouTube - . Yes, One of my other identities is a bat :>

Lacking much to practice on though, I'm open to suggestions and requests. If anyone has an old, damaged TV program they want back, or some family videos that have been sitting in a cupboard for decades they would like improved, let me take a look.


Bordom is the driving force for...

- Breaking into every wireless network within range, buying a huge antenna, and repeating for the longer range. Just to learn how.
- Creating a device capable of forceing almost any user off the internet, just in case I ever need to properly kill a troll.
- Writing a program which can invert any form of image convolution, but takes years of processor-time to do so.
- Writing two video codecs, a block-based deduplication program, and a series of video denoising filters.
- Accumulating more than fourteen terabytes of data.
- Constructing computers with more combined processing power than most companies could find a use for.
- Buying useless rubbish on ebay.
- Constructing bat-ears. Badly.
- Buying cybergoggles, together with the parts to construct custom optics that allow a variable 50-95% attenuation by turning a control.
- Making 3d art.
- Repackageing two cratefulls of beanie babies into one, larger crateful.
- Filling a shelf with plushies.
- Resowing the lawn.
- Fitting a removable ladder giving access to the garage roof so it may be used for storage space.

So, if anyone has work that needs doing, I have a lot of free time and very little money.


Arrived today: A rope ladder. To be used to gain easy access to the garage roof, to perform maintinance on the guttering, use it for storage space, and in future perhaps fit antenna.

Awaiting: The 'everything card.' A mini-PCIe 802.11a/b/g/n module for my tablet.
Awaiting: PCI 802.11a card for my router.

Between them, they will expand my domination of the local spectrum. I don't know why I seek this, it's just a fun game to play. I'm learning a lot about wireless and funny routing tricks.

All this costs money though... I really need people who would be willing to pay for artwork or code, or anything else I can make :( I have some new art out:


To all my LJ friends, obtain the anime Princess Tutu. It's not licenced, but there are ways around that.

Obtain. Watch. Because this anime - confusing, twisted, and just plain strange in many ways - is one of the best animes I have seen. Ever. It actually had me crying at points, and to make me feel anything strongly at all is a near-impossible task. With unpredictable twists and the sheer emotional impact, I urge everyone I know to watch this.

Oh, it's not perfect. The characters can be a bit simple, and they seem to be in an informal contest to see who can make the most pointless sacrifice in the name of love, but dispite that it still adds it's own unique and very enjoyable touches to the 'generic transforming magical girl' base. The music is well chosen, and very powerful - with a score like that, even the silliest moments can become tear-inducingly emotional.

Plus, a main character is a duck. Sometimes. A cute duck.

No news.

- Still unemployed. If you want 3d art or a program written, I need money.
- -
- -
- Blood donation today. Yay for the smug sense of superiority it grants.
- Quincunx appears to be working aside from a number of stability issues.
- My secret box in the loft is, at last, working as it was designed. There are a few issues of precise alignment - the presence of an eighty kilo sack of mostly-water throws it off enough that the optimal settings when I am the room are not good enough when I am out, but after much fiddling I have it working. Link is established and stable.
- Painting done, four doors. Sink resealed, cable burried, lightswitch bodged into place. Not sure what there is left to do now - give the shed a good clearout, perhaps?


Last friday I did some electrical work in the garden - I installed a time-delay switch for the lighting. It involves the type of bodging which would cause a safety inspector to flee the house in the direction of the nearest bunker, with connections protected by silicone sealent, cellophane wrap and hot glue, but it works.

Unfortunatly, after doing that work, I forgot to plug the freezer back in. The mistake was only discovered today.

I now have an airtight box full of rotten wet fish, soaked cardboard boxes and unidentifiable ex-food. If the shed wasn't a half-inch deep in rabbit droppings already, it might be quite the stink.

I live!

I very rarely post anything on this journal at all, but just rarely I will. So, a few updates from the last few months:

1. I have an FA account for my art now:

2. I am still unemployed, getting lots of interviews but no jobs.

3. I am now learning to code in perl, and doing so quite well.

4. I am studying for CompTIA A+ certification.

5. I have a blog, which unlike this journal is active. It's not personal news, it's for debating those who are worth debating and mocking those who are not.

Reviving this old journal

Its been a long time since I used this place now, but much has happened. For one, I am once again unemployed - I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, when orders came down from on high to get rid of someone in the department because we were going over payroll budget. Only two were expendable, and I cant compete with the technician who plays football and bowls with the boss.

Im using the new free time to practice my art - I made a FA account under the name Vylbird - and to attend more Londonfur meets. A confusing matter right now, as having five characters has resulted in a bit of an identity crisis - im known to half those at the meet as a bird, and the rest as a bat, and probably to one or two as a female.